1. Ron

    I’ve looked at the simplepie source. I don’t think it would be alot of work to maintain among a development group the size of WordPress.


  2. No More SimplePie Development | Blogging Pro

    […] used SimplePie for a few projects, and so I was sad to find out, via WPTavern, that SimplePie is shutting down […]


  3. Ryan McCue

    Worth mentioning, I’m planning on maintaining a bugfix fork of SP as one of the (ex?) developers.


  4. Jeffro

    @Ryan McCue – I saw your name mentioned in the post and thought hey! I recognize that name! Will you be bringing this information up during the WordPress dev chat?


  5. Ryan McCue

    If I can make it to one, yes. :P


  6. Rarst

    I was happy when SimplePie was included in WP (Magpie is bit obsolete). But that aura of dusty “next great version is around the corner (for XX months already)” promised issues.

    So now we have two unmaintained feed parsers in WP… Third time’s a charm? :)


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    […] WordPress’s RSS Parser, SimplePie, ceases development […]


  8. The SiliconANGLE

    […] picked up a bit of unfortunate news from my buddy Jeffro at WPTavern yesterday: popular PHP RSS library project SimplePie is shutting down development: “…big news […]


  9. Markus Merz | Hamburg St. Georg

    What’s the problem with the current SimplePie implementation?

    I am using Textpattern which is a superior CMS because it is not updated so often as other not so secure and not so stable solutions :)

    Using a stable existing version of SimplePie shouldn’t be a problem. I don’t get the point.


  10. SimplePie Ceases Development

    […] WP Tavern pointed out that WordPress recently incorporated SimplePie into the core for anything related to RSS parsing (such as Dashboard and sidebar widgets). This means it’s in the WordPress project should definitely be keeping an eye on this issue. […]


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