1. Pitou31

    Sorry but I don’t find any WordPress App. It seems that is not supported.
    Please could you verify ?


  2. Pooria Asteraky (@pooriast)

    I can find WordPress but still not installed after about 40 min trying it keeps spinning, installation is not done yet.


    • Sarah Gooding

      40 minutes? Probably your VM shut off and you need to go restart it. If you’re on the free developer plan, it shuts off after 15 minutes of inactivity. If it stalls out or takes too long I would just start over.


  3. Granger Lang

    Hi Sarah, thanks for writing this article! I’m the one who built the WordPress app and thought you would like to know that the WordPress app now installs pure-ftp for you :) Also, the DevTools app that you mentioned is used to build Koding apps, so if a user wants to modify a file, they should use Kodings IDE, instead of DevTools.


  4. Henry Wright

    Koding is ideal for me when I’m working on my Chromebook. There’s one limitation I’m wondering how to overcome, and that’s FTP. The Filezilla client isn’t available on Chrome OS (yet). Any tips on which FTP client to use instead?


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