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ideasThe last I heard about the ideas section of WordPress was that Jane Wells was cleaning up the place to prepare it for an upgrade to bbPress 1.0.  Not sure how the progress is going but upon checking my feedreader this morning, I noticed some ideas starting to trickle in. Here is a small sampling.

Enhanced Author Widget – I wish there was a plugin to add am Author widget to the Widget section with options to display the avatar, to display a list of the posts (possibly with thumbnails generated from the articles next them), links to author’s pages on social networking sites, etc.

Offer Usage Stats To Plugin Authors – We can see how many downloads our plugins have, and from comments Matt M. has made we know there are stats on how many blogs a plugin is active on. It would be nice to make that available to the plugin author (maybe on the admin page where the SVN info, etc is). No personal information, just a simple “Installed/Active in ## sites”

I’ve talked with many plugin authors and plenty of them tell me this sort of information would be great to have. If you’re a plugin author and like this idea, I say go on over and voice your feedback, perhaps even include some information you’d like to see in the stats page.

Conditional Tags For ‘if pings’ or if trackbacks. – But now that we have the option to split comments and trackbacks up when displaying in our comments section, there is a small problem: there’s no conditional tag to say “if there’s trackbacks” or “if there’s pings” so we can keep the trackbacks list silent until there’s actually a trackback. The problem is that, with the new formulation, we end up with a non-XHTML-compliant ol or ul with no li in the middle.

While I don’t mind discussion of these ideas here, the discussion would be better placed on the actual ideas page. You can use your WordPress forum user account to login to the ideas forum.


6 responses to “WordPress Idea Roundup”

  1. <rant>
    Good demo of why they need to improve the forums over there:

    That’s a spam post which has been up for seven hours now. There is no report post button on it so I can’t even report it for removal by a moderator.

    Apparently there is some way to report posts via a tag in a post or something like that, but I have no idea how to do it and no motivation to learn.

  2. ‘Trust me when I edit HTML’ has been up for 2 years… the one and only major complaint I have about WordPress is that they’ve yet to implement this one. Git’r done!

    Ideas that have been closed, such as ‘Open ID integration’ should be dropped off the most popular ideas list to make room for other ideas (like good ideas /personal_opinion).

  3. Yes, the Ideas forum is run on bbPress, but it’s version, not bbPress 1.0 (the backend looks like WP 2.5, not 2.7, and doesn’t have some of the functionality that was added by Sam Bauers in the later development stages). Also, the plugins that run it are combination of hacked support forum stuff and original code (ratings, etc). There are a number of issues that need to be fixed. The one that makes it seem broken is that the ratings plugin doesn’t interact correctly with the other plugins, so things show up as most popular even if the thread has been closed, relegated to plugin territory, etc.

    There are a number of other, smaller fixes that need to happen, and I’d like to clean up the design of the front page and the ‘ideas you haven’t rated’ screen so that there’s more consistency and it’s easier to scan ideas based on category, etc. (Oh, yeah, ‘ideas you haven’t rated’ doesn’t care if the thread has been closed, either.)

    I have a list of fixes, but no one with time to tackle them yet. If there are any bbPress gurus reading this who’d want to help out and get Ideas into fighting shape, shoot me an email.


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