WordPress For iOS 4.0 Available, New and Improved Stats

Native Stats View

Native Stats View

WordPress for iOS 4.0 has been released. Stats are now a native component, improving their look and feel on devices running iOS. While I didn’t have a problem with the traditional web view, the native view is a considerable improvement. Being a native component has also given the stats a noticeable speed improvement when loading.

Prior to upgrading, my WordPress app started to show me connected to the same site multiple times. I also encountered an issue where the comment notification bubble wouldn’t reset to zero. Instead, it kept rising. Upgrading to 4.0 fixed both problems. The team says 4.0.1 is dedicated to the cleanup of code, bug fixes, and minor tweaks. This will pave the way for the team to tackle media management in 4.1.

If you’ve upgraded to 4.0, let us know what you think. Is there anything in particular you’d like to see in 4.1 with regards to media management?


2 responses to “WordPress For iOS 4.0 Available, New and Improved Stats”

  1. Just a small FYI for those who’ve never used the WordPress for iOS app before:

    If one has a two-factor authentication plugin active, the WordPress app will not be able to login to a self-hosted site.


    • Intrigued by your comment, I too noticed that the iPhone app kept asking me to login to WordPress.com and no matter what I tried, it wouldn’t work. After doing some research and even generating an application specific password, it still wouldn’t work.

      For the first time since updating the WP iPhone app, I logged out of WordPress.com, logged back in, used the keycode given to me by the Google Authenticator plugin and now, things like Stats work and the rest of the app works as well.

      So if you’re having problems, I’d try logging out of WordPress.com, and logging back in again using the Google Authenticator plugin and see if the app detects your connection to WP.com after validation.



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