How to Add a WordPress Site’s Pageview and Visitor Count to The iOS Notification Center

If you use the WordPress for iOS mobile app, you can easily add a site’s pageviews and visitor stats to the iOS notification center. To add WordPress to the notification center, perform a top to bottom swipe on the iPhone’s home screen. Scroll to the bottom and tap the Edit button.

Notification Center Edit Button
Click the edit button

You should see the WordPress app in the Do Not Include section. Click the green plus symbol next to WordPress to add it to the Today summary. When viewing the Today summary, you’ll see visitor and pageview statistics.

If you manage multiple sites through the app and want to display a different site’s statistics, open the WordPress mobile app and select the site you want to display.

Tap the stats link, then tap on the Today link in to the top right portion of the screen where an alert explains that statistics will display in the notification center. Keep in mind that you can only display statistics of one site.

I’d like to see this feature expanded so that I can add multiple sites to the notification center where I can view stats for different sites by swiping left or right. I’d also like to configure which two statistics are displayed. Despite these caveats, it’s a quick and convenient way to view a site’s visitor and pageview count without having to load the WordPress mobile app.

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  1. I really need to get in gear with my JetPack game. I love the stats in the dashboard but have been slacking with our site and could definitely use some mobile app love in this area.


  2. I had previously added this widget, but it wasn’t showing stats. I missed the memo on the “Today” link in the mobile app. Now that’s fixed.

    Looking forward to showing stats for all my sites.


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