1. Do███ Sch████ (@dosch)

    I don’t get it. Why “don’t [I] have to worry about WordPress.com shutting down and losing precious content”? How is that risk bigger for FB and Twitter?

    I agree you can easily leave, but data portability is the one and only thing WP.com has over FB and Twitter.

    For all the other benefits, you want your own domain and hosting. (ie. wordpress.org)


    • Jeff Chandler

      Thanks Dosch. Reviewing the content you pointed out, I’ve revised the post by removing that sentence. No company or service provider is immune from disappearing from existence. Although highly unlikely WordPress.com will be going anywhere any time soon, it’s something everyone using the service should keep in the back of their mind.

      One interesting aspect to this “Home” thing as well is that a common analogy to explain the differences between WordPress.org and WordPress.com is to say that WordPress.com is like an apartment whereas WordPress.org gives you a chance to own a home. You comment fits right in with that analogy.


  2. Dave Clements

    One really frustrating thing about recent versions of the iOS app is that it uploads the full size version of the image. A few versions ago, there was a setting for limiting the size of images, which helped reduce bloat on your server. I personally don’t want want or need to upload an 8MP photo: a 1000px wide image will do just fine. I read somewhere that they rewrite some code which meant temporarily removing that feature and they plan to bring it back, but that was many months ago now


  3. magicroundabout

    I think this area is ripe for improvement. I find the media management experience on the WP app really frustrating:

    – There’s no “choose from media library”
    – If I want to include an image in a post and set it as featured image I have to upload it twice
    – There’s no “quick image” function, which I’d love.

    I know that the app isn’t given much love by the community and is mostly an Automattic effort, but it really needs to improve this area.

    Pressgram had potential. It’s a shame Jon seemed to have got the model slightly wrong. I’d love a separate app that just takes a photo, uploads it to a new post in WP with a title, caption, tags, categories, and sets it as featured image. This would let you use WP as a photo blog. And with the right OpenGraph meta data you could then post to social networks without giving them the image!

    I’d also like the “Quick post” dashboard widget to have a “quick photo” mode that works in the same way. And yes, this is on my side project list to create!! :)


  4. Otto

    WordPress on Android has a Capture photo option for taking pics in the app. Is this really missing on the iPhone?


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