1. Stijn Vogels

    Ever since I installed a two-step authentication plugin, I’ve been unable to use this app. Which is unfortunate. I’d rather suffer the inconvenience of not having this Android app in stead of giving up an extra layer of security. What’s your take on this, Sarah?


  2. Sarah Gooding

    @Stijn Vogels – That sounds like it’s a problem with the plugin not being compatible with the app. I don’t share those same security concerns, especially when it comes to personal blogging, which I’m more inclined to do via mobile. A strong password and frequent WordPress updates do the trick for me. But if you really need a two-step authentication plugin, you may ask the developer if he can make his plugin compatible with the app.


  3. Jeremy

    @Stijn Vogels – It might be worth trying a different two-step authentication plugin. I use Authy, and don’t have any issues with any of of the mobile apps.


  4. Adewale Lagos

    i love the recent update to the android app, it makes blogging via mobile extremely easy but on thing am constantly looking to do is how to fill in yoast seo credentials (Focus keyword, Seo title and meta data) while blogging via mobile.


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