1. Piet

    Many currencies is great, but being able to accept Stripe payments in evenso many countries would be far better. From the same blog post as linked to: “businesses using Stripe in the US and Europe”.
    How about Asia where > 40% of the global population lives?
    Now that would be news!


  2. Joan Boluda

    Stripe is great.

    The fact that you don’t have to leave the site in order to pay improves the flow of the process and increase your conversion rate. Sells boosted on any single site where I implemented Stripe. 100% recommended.


  3. barni87

    Good story to note but strip hasn’t ping the most populous black country in the World so do many WordPress merchants out there and they are leaving the big stake on the table because many developers, firms and professionals in Nigeria are getting baptized with WordPress and its amazing community. What they need in Nigeria is option for easy payment via their debit master/visa cards and I assure you 100% turn-over because we love latest trend and solution.


    • Nitram

      barni, would you happen to know some nigerian gateways? is the prevalent payment method legacy card-based or are there alternative payment systems used?


  4. Aaron Edwards (@UglyRobotDev)

    We’ve update MarketPress and Pro Sites on WPMU DEV.


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