WordPress Dev Chat For 3-25-10

wordpresslogoNew Header
WordPress 3.0 will feature a lighter header in the WordPress back-end instead of the black one we are used to seeing. There will also be a lighter blue header. There will also be a new icon created for the Network menu.

Multiple Post Thumbnails
Mark Jaquith is in charge of this feature and has yet to complete it as he’s been swamped with clients. Either he will get it finished this weekend or it will be punted depending upon feedback.

Here is the link to the new wireframe that may become the way menus are administered in 3.0. There was a large amount of discussion surrounding the UI of the menu system. It’s best to dive into the log file to read the finer details.

Inline Documentation Of The TwentyTen Theme
After some discussion, PHPDoc will be added to the functions.php file within 2010 while the rest of the documentation will be conversational. Nacin has created a ticket to get things started. Ticker#12695

Front end AJAX endpoint best solution discussion
This discussion is centered around ticket 12400 wp-ajax.php will be removed for various reasons (#12400). The consensus was stronger for better education, not a new file.

This topic was bypassed in light of the menus discussion but based on the discussion, it’s obvious that Beta will not occur until the menus are finished. The sooner the better.

Aggregate Stats
There was an interesting discussion about aggregate data and making that public. Based on the discussion, Matt will be working with Joseph Scott to solve the scaling as well as the inaccuracy issues before they become public. I have no idea what will be made public but perhaps that will be said somewhere down the line.

There is a lot of detailed discussions that took place in today’s meeting. I highly suggest taking a look at the log file and going through it in your spare time if you need to know how certain decisions came to be. You can also view the cliff note version of the meeting on the WordPress Dev Prologue site.

How To Participate:

If you want to suggest a topic to be discussed at the next meeting, you can by visiting the WordPress development updates blog. If you would like to participate in the chat next week, install IRC or an IRC compatible client and connect to the following IRC server.

chat.freenode.net or any random server on the Freenode network and then join this channel at 4:30PM Eastern time or 20:30 UTC Thursdays. #wordpress-dev.


2 responses to “WordPress Dev Chat For 3-25-10”

  1. I’m really glad to hear that they are working on multiple post thumbnails feature. Apart from that, I’d love to change the header text of the post thumbnail box and add some desc inside the post thumbnail box.

    What do you think?


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