Justin Tadlock On Menus In WP 3.0

Justin Tadlock has an excellent post online talking about the new menus feature in WordPress 3.0. The post title says it all. Goodbye, headaches. Hello, Menus!. As I have reviewed numerous commercial WordPress themes along with a few free ones, I’ve noticed that just about each one tackles the menu system differently. The best system I’ve used to date was in iThemes Builder which provided the textual names of my categories and then provided check boxes to either show them, or hide them within the menu. There are too many themes that insist on the user knowing which ID numbers for categories they would like to show or hide. Thankfully, the menu system in WordPress 3.0 will help change all of this and provide a standard for all theme developers to go by.

In Justin’s post, he walks users and developers through the new menus feature and explains how to add it to a theme that does not yet support it.


2 responses to “Justin Tadlock On Menus In WP 3.0”

  1. i’ve found the menu system quite helpful, we have a couple of sites using it now for various reasons. add a little jquery and you have a *great* new feature.


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