WordPress Confirms 8 Pilot Events to Launch the Next Generation of WordCamps in 2023

In May 2023, WordPress’ Community Team announced that it would be evolving the WordCamp format to promote adoption, training, and networking for professionals, leaving the flagship events to focus more on connection and inspiration. This major shift opens the door for more experimentation through varied formats. In a recent update, the team shared that progress on the discussions has generated 64 ideas with 59 organizers who are willing to follow up on their ideas.

There are also eight pilot events that have been confirmed and six of them will launch in 2023. These include some of the most creative concepts that WordPress has ever officially entertained, as the previous WordCamp format had become predictable and requirements somewhat inflexible. These pilot events offer a glimpse of what events could look like going forward.

The WordPress community in Leipzig, Germany, is planning the first ever Low-Cost WordCamp for July 1, 2023. Organizers will host 90 attendees and keep costs low with no swag, no social dinner, and no after party. They will offer just one track of presentations.

“The goal is to motivate and help new and veteran organizers to create a lighter, impactful event that is low cost and requires less time, financial resources, and fewer organizers/volunteers,” Automattic-sponsored Community Team contributor Isotta Peira said.

Contributors in Sevilla, Spain, are planning a “WordPress Day” on July 2, 2023, where the focus will be engaging 50 attendees in three different areas of contribution.

“The goal is to bring new contributors to the community and retain them by organizing multiple events every year,” Peira said. With these small numbers and limited goals, this effort could easily be organized as frequently as they anticipate.

The community in Tegal, Indonesia is planning a “Scale Up” Workshop for October 22, 2023. A group of 50 participants will join in a 1-day training event that will expand their WordPress skills by “diving into the world of WordPress for enterprise.”

The three other approved pilot events for 2023 include a Rural event for small towns/villages, a WP for Publishers in Bangalore, and a Community Day in Rome, Italy, designed for WordPress community organizers, scheduled for September 29.

All of the confirmed events fall within the new purpose for WordPress events that the Community Team identified earlier this year:

WordPress events spark innovation and adoption by way of accessible training and networking for users, builders, designers, and extenders. We celebrate community by accelerating 21st-century skills, professional opportunities, and partnerships for WordPressers of today and tomorrow.

Prospective event organizers who are inspired by the confirmed pilot events can submit their creative ideas via a dedicated form. The Community Team is still accepting pilot events for 2023 and is also scheduling into 2024.


One response to “WordPress Confirms 8 Pilot Events to Launch the Next Generation of WordCamps in 2023”

  1. Aren’t WordCamps supposed to be $20 per day?

    Anyways, I do like the whole no swag, social dinner or after party.

    Traditionally in three day events, not just for WordCamps….the friday night is the speakers dinner get together thing, then on Saturday the party for everyone. Obviously that is done instead of after Sunday talks because many people have to go to work on the Monday morning.

    There should be an option, just like when you go fly. Let’s say the basic price is $20 USD…If you want a t-shirt then +$15, If you want dinner or lunch………

    To tell you the truth most times I go to Tim Hortons or a local restaurant. I can’t remember the time but there was one WCTO done in Liberty Village. Lunch cost me $55 CAD. Current exchange rate: $42 USD. Hamburger, fries and a can of coke. Some fancy crap, there was nothing else outside the event’s building catering. Another year there was some rice brick with tofu and seaweed.

    Print a list of every restaurant, including fast food. Let the people decide on what they want to eat.
    This would help to people with dietary or religious restrictions if they can’t eat any of the limited choices when WCs have lunch/dinner.

    I attended many WCTOs, how many more t-shirts can I get? Same for other WCs.
    My basement is full of boxes full of t-shirts I will never really use. I guess I could send them to what’s her name, she will quilt it/blanket it the t-shirts.

    Yes I know it is easier to do one size fits all but we should actually move to the options. Do you want a Big Mac (WC ticket)? What about extras like the fries and drinks? (t-shirt, meals?) +$15.

    Just like a Big Mac vs Big Mac Combo. McDonalds has got it right. Why can’t WC organizers?

    I really don’t care about fidget spinners, stickers, pens, and those usb to electrical outlet cubes.


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