1. Brin Wilson

    “If it takes more than a few seconds to load the editor, that’s too long.”
    – heck, if it takes more than half a second it’s perhaps a bit too long for me! ;)


    • Lorelle VanFossen

      I agree. I have been trying to work with the new editor for months and the wait is terrible on slow internet and even on high speed access. I’ve tried introducing it to a couple quarters worth of my college students, to clients, and others, who have no experience with a WordPress interface or WordPress in general at all, and they find it cumbersome to work with, slow wait times, and much confusion on how to reach the rest of the settings. I haven’t found anyone who enjoys using it. I think it’s a great idea but I think it’s way too soon to make this public. There are many things that are wrong with it and not enough is right.

      This is disappointing as there is plenty of room for improvements in the interface, such as the confusing publish box where people can’t see or understand the difference between Save Draft, publish, set for pending, and preview, etc. And the lack of attention to the Text Editor toolbar just breaks my heart.


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