1. Chris Lema

    If you want to see the entire walk-thru of the process for activating and using the service, I wrote about it here: http://chrislema.com/wordpress-e-commerce-offering/


  2. Brent

    My comment wasn’t really meant to be a criticism so much as lament at a missed opportunity, though to convey that I should have focused more on the opportunity than the “missed” part.

    The 3 launch partners all offer great services and it’s fantastic to see WordPress.com with some form of eCommerce.

    However, I feel Automattic are uniquely positioned to go further. They could do for eCommerce what they did for online publishing – make great open-source software accessible to a broader, less technical user base.


  3. Caspar Hübinger

    WordPress.com users probably don’t care what’s under the hood to power their stores. If they did, they would likely be more inclined to go the self-hosted route.

    I’m tempted to think: this pretty much sums it up, whether we’re talking e-commerce or just blogs. (Except for the VIP program, though.)

    Regarding Automattic being in a unique position I agree, but on the flip page isn’t that the issue?

    If Automattic had accepted one or two open source e-commerce plugins into .com’s repository without —let’s say— a long-range bidding process up front, this comment thread would likely get flooded with anything from “but X would have been the better choice” to “ours was excluded on purpose!”. Not to mention questions of how they would need to get the company involved into further maintenance of those plugins afterwards.

    Aside from technical reasons, I think it makes sense for a company like Automattic to opt for a rather “Solomonic” road (at least for now) ensuring none of the key players in open source e-commerce with WordPress feel disadvantaged. And days of e-commerce at .com have only just begun.


  4. Ryan Hellyer

    I don’t think any of the existing e-commerce solutions would be suitable for use on WordPress.com. I’m guessing it would require a brand new plugin.


    • Brent

      Which would also be very cool, and most certainly provide a better experience for WordPress.com users than the current offering of two separate systems.


  5. Keith Davis

    Hi Sarah
    “This product attracts those who prefer to offload the burden of PCI compliance, SSL certificates, payment gateway maintenance and everything else required for selling online.”

    Got it in one.

    Who needs the hassle when you can just go the $299 route?


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