1. David Peralty

    I just do my old wp-admin thing on my blog… like when I’m logging into my WordPress.org blog, and that works just fine. :) So I go to http://sitename.com/wp-admin log-in and I’m in my dashboard… no looking around for a button or link.


  2. Scott Kingsley Clark

    Sounds like we don’t have a problem with biased material here, thanks for keeping it unfiltered Jeffro!


  3. Jeffro

    @David Peralty – Yeah, I realize I could bookmark things or just remember a URL but if I have to do that then something is wrong. I or anyone else shouldn’t have to remember URL’s or use bookmarks. We should be able to navigate to a spot, easily find where to go and just go. No extra clicks necessary.

    @Scott Kingsley Clark – I just finally had it with my bad experiences trying to navigate what I thought was WordPress.com. Because of that blue page with Reader and such, I don’t even think I’m on WordPress.com when I login. It’s not consistent with the actual WP.com website design.


  4. Jim

    Nope, it’s not just you. I’ve hated the way wordpress.com has been laid out for some time now. It takes forever to find the stuff I’m actually looking for, so I go miles out of my way to avoid visiting the site. You’d think that, for an organization that’s built such a wonderful tool like WordPress, they’d have put at least a little bit of thought into the usability of their .com side of things.


  5. redwall_hp

    It’s simple: the average user looking for a service like WP.com wants something like Tumblr: not just a blog, but baked-in social features so other users can follow them. (Because people can’t be bothered to figure out RSS.)

    They’re just following demand.


  6. Tom J Nowell

    @redwall_hp – if you take the above post and replace every mention of wordpress.com and blog with the word “tumblr” then it still makes sense, and is just as valid


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