1. Jeff Golenski

    I’m super excited for the VR aspect in WordPress. But at the same time, I’m super concerned for the human in the featured image who is riding a bicycle while using that VR headset. That is extremely dangerous. ;-P


  2. Otto

    I would post a comment there asking this, but the site won’t let me. Says I have to have a WordPress.com blog.

    In any case, it’s neat, and they should add support for mobile motion controls, similar to the panorama photos on Facebook. Works pretty well if your phone has a decent motion sensor.


  3. Leon Cooper

    Vr Sites is the future like next level parallax
    I have somewhat started to use vr capabilities with virtual tour i am about to put on I think that is a small start as to how I will start to brand my sites. Thanks again WordPress! #seo #developer


  4. Laura Brown

    More bloated content I don’t care about, that will slow down the Internet and make me pay more for bandwidth each month. No doubt marketing and advertising people will be happy to dive in. Funny that more sites are protesting or blocking access to web browsers with pop up and video killers and yet they keep adding to the reason we want pop up and video (and now VR) killers. So much would be solved if they did not set all of it to automatically start up, unasked for and unwanted. The reason web browsers/ people want a kill switch is because the people posting the content don’t provide one.


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