1. Bob Dunn

    This is a great option for .com users giving the ability to be able to schedule posts.

    But on the other hand, scheduling effective social shares is another whole animal, and does take some strategizing and of course, education. That is why so many still do manual tweets.

    I do see many who use the other tools and really screw things up.

    Hopefully it doesn’t get abused or people use it only for convenience vs. actually doing it as a part of a larger strategy. We will see :)


  2. Bridget Willard

    Looks like dot com is competing with Buffer. Free and low-cost Buffer plans don’t have analytics either. But, independent of that, Twitter.com’s analytics are very good, in my opinion.


  3. Emily Barney

    It’s worth noting that there have been some issues w/ Facebook deprioritizing posts that use secondary publishing services in their algorithm, esp. since they offer debugging tools and scheduling options for pages themselves. I’d want to see if they’ve found a way around that kind of issue.

    All of this gets very annoyingly complicated to keep up with – I do it for the law school where I work and we use a more limited free Buffer account and native analytics w/ Twitter/G+/LinkedIn b/c it does better w/ open graph content once we’ve optimized using Yoast.


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