1. Anh Tran

    That’s great! Users can create a lot of beautiful content with blocks. I really like the idea of the block patterns and how Automattic pushes it forward.

    Good job.


  2. Sergio Arregui

    I didn’t know Layout Grid Block.
    Great post.


  3. Max

    I like the idea of block patterns but I think 100 block patterns are too overwhelming. Less is sometimes more. The same with Gutenberg blocks in the plugin library. Way too much to make a serious choice. Who has the time to browse and keep up with this flood of patterns and blocks?


    • Tom

      “…but I think 100 block patterns are too overwhelming.”

      IMHO there cannot be enough well-designe) patterns, they just have to use categories (hero, testimonials, call-to-action etc.) and a nice user interface where previews of all patterns belonging to a selected category are shown.
      They just have to give up that single narrow column where you have to scroll through every single one of these patterns. That’s not very practical and could be easily changed to a UI where you can preview many patterns of a selected category at a glance – like it is handled by some page builders.
      That way it wouldn’t be overwhelming at all. :)

      @Justin Tadlock
      Love your blog posts on the development of the Gutenberg editor with all its facets. After having decided recently to go with the GBE, WP Tavern has become a much appreciated go-to place for Gutenberg related news.


  4. Prakati

    Patterns are highly useful for people like me, who find it difficult to customize blocks. More and more patterns should be available to choose from.


  5. Joseph Quinn

    I would like to see block patterns come to the WordPress core. Right now there are a couple but this coupled with fse would make using the block editor easier and there would be less reliance on page builders like elementor. This could take years to get to that point but I like the direction this is going. Initially, I did not like the block editor, but I have adopted it now in combination with elementor for building out my theme.


  6. Bastian

    Block patterns are a good idea, but as long as there is no way to lock parts of them they are not very useful for client work, where one needs to prevent users screwing page designs.


  7. Otto

    Minor not, but can we use “releases” instead of “drops”? From the headline, I thought things had been removed, so I was confused at first. It’s minor, but having new things released is good, dropping them generally not so much.


  8. jay

    I don’t have this blocks on my WP 5.5.3

    Hello, I run 5.5.3 in french it’s the 13 of november, and I can’t see any new blocks patterns in my editor. I have the ten or so usual blocks patterns
    Is there something to to to get them ?


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