WordPress.com Blogs To Get More Advertising

Automattic LogoFederated Media in partnership with Automattic has signed a deal to sell advertising to potentially 25 million websites spread across WordPress.com. This isn’t the first time the two have partnered up as FM and Automattic have been launching a series of websites for specific subjects such as FoodPress and EcoPress. This deal presents Federated Media the opportunity to sell highly relevant advertising in mass. For example, Automattic most likely has details that allow them to know the best performing sites on specific subjects such as automotive, food, tech, etc. This data can be used to display relevant advertising from FM so that the content and the advertising are related to each other.

One of the quotes I’m seeing attributed to Toni Schneider, CEO of Automattic rubs me the wrong way.

Automattic’s WordPress software supports 25 million blogs with a combined readership of 300 million unique visitors per month — a total of 15 percent of the web sites on the Internet, Schneider said.

First off, the only thing of Automattics’ is WordPress.com. Secondly, while it seems like Toni is talking about 25 million blogs on WordPress.com, how can that be 15% of the internet? That’s like saying 15% of the internet calls WordPress.com home and I highly doubt that. The only way in which that makes sense is if you combine the sites using WordPress the self-hosted software and those hosted on WordPress.com.

Based on the press release on MarketWatch, the advertising will be Opt-In. One of the most important questions that has not been answered is how revenue sharing will work. One would hope that those who are creating the content will end up getting a small slice of the pie. If not, it’s a bad deal all the way around.


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  1. That’s a total misquote. I saw him say this on the livestream. And somebody wherever you got that from, cut some bits out of his quote there and rearranged it in the wrong order.

    When he was on stage, he said something like “last year, I said here that WordPress ran 7% of the internet. This year, it is up to 15%, and 22% of all new domains in the US.” In that case, he was referring to WordPress as a whole, both .com and .org.

  2. so are the ads going to run on whatever.wordpress.com or on sites that people host on wordpress.com hosting (with your own domain and thing).

    get the difference?

  3. This is a step in the right direction. WP.com should move away from the strictly social networking agenda they have now and get more professional. At least they should have such an option. If you look at what Squidoo has done from ground up, you’ll notice that their business model is perfectly suitable for WP.com , with so many existing users. Wonder why WP.com did not consider revenue sharing with publishers earlier, Is it the Tumblr factor?

  4. You run a blog on wp.com, the basic agreement is that you don’t pay anything, but Automattic can display ads that bring them money.

    As soon as you get halfway serious about blogging you will move org, anyway.

    If you are very successful, you might cut a special deal, but for the vast majority of those creating content on wp.com, that won’t happen.

  5. In his blog post on the topic, Matt comments that this program is intended for high-end bloggers. I assume this means the same WordPress.com bloggers who are already eligible or participating in the revenue sharing AdControl program (25K+ pageviews a month).

    @miroslav, there is no difference between the two. Bloggers who bought a domain mapping upgrade are still hosted on WordPress.com and still subject to the same TOS.


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