First FoodPress Now EcoPressed

eco pressed logoAutomattic has partnered with Federated Media Publishing who has partnered with GE as the content partner and interactive marketing agency Bebby Clark+Meyler to launch a new site on called EcoPressed. Similar in design and function to FoodPress, EcoPressed focuses on clean tech, eco-friendly items and more. Hand picked content from some of the top bloggers will be highlighted on the site along with home grown content.

EcoPressed signals a first-of-its-kind opportunity for a corporate partner to highlight hand-picked content from’s top users blended with Federated Media’s premium professional blog talent. It also gives independent content producers far greater exposure and the ability to join the eco conversation alongside millions of passionate readers.

The EcoPressed experience will source material from over 30 million content producers and informational resources highlighting the most relevant conversations taking place on the independent web. It will also incorporate content from GE’s ecomagination initiative, making EcoPressed the one-stop destination for consumers to get the latest news, topics and trends on innovation, sustainability and energy initiatives.

This is the second in what will likely become a series of Press sites on Personally, I think what Automattic is doing with partners such as Federated media is really leveraging their audience/writers is brilliant. Instead of subscribing to hundreds or thousands of feeds of people writing great things on a specific topic, these special Press sites act as great content curators giving some no name bloggers a chance to shine. Sure, Automattic is making money through these partnerships but it’s their business and I don’t see anything wrong with what they’re doing. Do you?

Can anyone guess what topic will be next to be pressed?



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