1. Marcus Tibesar

    The newly found WordPress’ forecasting ability just simply astounds me…


  2. Peter Shaw

    I’ve never attended a wordcamp but this decisions seems premature and short sighted, as

    I really don’t think the foundation are qualified to judge safety next year, especially as whilst cases keep rising. Death rates keep falling.
    Wordpress is a community and nothing replaces face time for building relationships (and community).

    Also the WHO “once in a century” statement is idiotic. The WHO was founded in 1946 and there have been two respiratory pandemic since then which killed more than COVID-19.


    • David Artiss

      “I really don’t think the foundation are qualified to judge safety next year”

      If that’s the case then this sounds like the correct decision – would you rather, without being able to forecast accurately, that they decided to go ahead and risked peoples time, money and, potentially, health?


  3. Sharanpreet Kaur

    Seriously gonna miss those WordCamps!


  4. Ashutosh

    Good decision given the uncertain future of this pandemic. It’s unlikely, but hopefully we will have an approved vaccine that can be manufactured at scale and distributed to majority of the world’s population by this time next year.


  5. sajan kota

    This is actually a very sensible decision by WordPress. It’s always possible start the flagship events, if every thing is back to normal.


  6. Nisha Batel

    Very good decision by the Community Heads! Safety first for everyone! Still would miss those swags and friends from the WP Community. Hope this pandemic ends soon.


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