1. Julio Potier


    Don’t check this feature, new spammers got gravatars too, this is why akismet let so many spams goes in.
    I switched to ASB years ago, all is fine, but really, don’t check that!

    See you :)


    • Caspar Hübinger

      @Julio Ah, p*****, I didn’t know they do. I currently have 797 spam comments in my database—not many, but from looking at every one of them I can say not a single one has a Gravatar.

      I’d still say yes, by all means, do activate the feature and see how it works for your site. ;)
      It might work very well, but if it doesn’t, there are additional counter measures one can put in place such as the free Blacklist Updater plugin that will automatically update your comment blacklist from a public source.


  2. Paul

    I switched from Akismet to Antispam Bee years ago and I’m very happy with my decision. Not needing to create an account anywhere to get an API key is a plus.


  3. David Decker (deckerweb)

    I made the switch to ASB in 2009 and never looked back! :-)

    Thanks for introducing ASB here on the Tavern, really appreciate it!


  4. Ryan Hellyer

    I’m not convinced this is a good idea. It is simply a check to confirm you haven’t accidentally sent a legit comment to the spam queue. But that could result in a ton of checks back to gravatar.com just to confirm the spam is legit, which could potentially cause performance problems on sites which receive a lot of spam comments.


  5. Li-An

    A good plugin I use on one of my sites. Strangely, it did not the same work on another site. And I am trusting Julio Potier if he says the option is not the best thing :-)


  6. Kim

    I did try plenty of anti-spam plugins but for me the winner is GoodBye Captcha.
    Fred Meyer from WPShout.com discovered it and recommended to us.
    This is what I call a super life-saver plugin. A HUGE thank-you to the author of this plugin!


  7. Summer

    I have seen plenty of manually added spam comments with Gravatars, I think I saw the first one in 2013. At first I wasn’t sure it was spam, but when I Googled the domain they used, yuppers, ’twas spam.

    Currently, I use a combination of WordPress Zero Spam and WP Spamshield. Spamshield is better for comments, giving me the option of allowing pingbacks (where Zero Spam blocks it all without giving me the option to choose), but Zero Spam will protect Gravity Forms where Spamshield does not.

    Have been slowly removing Akismet and keys from sites ever since.


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