WordPress And How It Changed Content Management

WordPress did not create the concept of content management. Such systems have been around since before the internet was a twinkle in Tim Berners-Lee’s eye. But true innovation rarely effects the greatest change. WordPress took an existing concept, made it highly useable, and introduced it to the masses (free of charge).

Via ManageWP – How WordPress Changed Content Management


  1. WordPress does everything I need and has worked well since last year. I love being able to use old(er) themes with new options (mix-n-match), and still operate a stable, good-looking site…I’m lovin’ it! Nice job WordPress folks, good product – bw


  2. WordPress has perfectly positioned itself as the best alternative to platforms more widely viewed as CMS. One has stunning designs, yet lacks support of big-name users. Another has the power advantage, yet is awkward for the average user. As a publisher, the wide support by WordPress developers means it is a natural choice. Of course, WordPress should not rest on its laurels, believing they “own” an audience. All it takes is for another platform to provide just a bit more than currently available and we could see the balance shift.


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