1. Miroslav Glavic

    I respectfully disagree with more updates. With 5.3.2 so close to 5.3.1 makes me think, why not delay 5.3.1 to make sure the bugs are fixed and no need for 5.3.2? Quality vs Quantity.

    Weekly updates would be crazy. I have 38 websites I have to update every time. That doesn’t have into account clients websites, which is in the hundreds.

    Thank the Gods I use InfiniteWP for my 38 websites. (I have one website for each hobby). I am going to be adding my clients websites to my InfiniteWP soon


  2. Terry

    The WordPress 5.3.2 update causes some issues when updating Jetpack plugin.
    I’m getting fatal error message.


  3. Timmappa Kamat

    why not set it to auto-update, mate? I have done so and it does not harm you in any way. I do not even know when the update has been done. I get it only when I receive an email.
    We would always welcome timely updates. That would ensure better security.


    • Kathir

      Sometimes auto updates will problems. so i disable the wordpress automatic updates. after 2 or 3 days only i will update it to avoid conflicts. mainly plugins sometimes breaks the sites.


  4. Rian

    In my case, SiteGround auto-updated WordPress and did not face any kind of issue at all. Working as expected. Unless you use some backdated plugin, WordPress updates do not really give any issue.


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