1. Virginia Wilson

    Do I want to go ahead and update to 5.4.1 since I just updated to 5.4 yesterday? And also is it still necessary to clear the cache daily if we’ll be posting a lot? I was thinking I should clear the cache, update to 5.4.1, clear the cache again; does this sound correct? We don’t want to lose recent additions made to the website content however. Just making sure this won’t effect plug-ins, etc. Thanks for any forthcoming responses.


    • Justin Tadlock

      Because this is a security update, you should absolutely update as soon as possible.

      As for caching, I would recommend clearing your cache after updating. It is probably unnecessary, but it wouldn’t hurt. You can always check with your caching plugin author for their advice.

      The update shouldn’t affect any plugins that are already running fine on 5.4, but if you’re worried about that, you should ask your web host about setting up a staging site for you to test the update on, which is basically just a duplicate of your real (production) site.


  2. K j.

    Noticed my gt metrix score jumped considerably after the update.


  3. Vishwajeet Kumar

    Yes, The new update has speed up my blog and now its loading very fast. Hapy to see the improvement.


  4. propio

    I cant see how add new plugins in wordpress 5.4.1 can you help me

    I only installed plugins can you help me please


  5. Frank Ibitayo

    Please one of my wordpress websites is displaying ” Error Establishing Database connection” Please what can be done to restore this? I need help


  6. Tina

    The update caused an error when I try to edit my pages. Do you have a resolve for this?


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