1. Dave Warfel

    I know some people have voiced frustration over the lack of star-studded features in 4.8, but I love that the WordPress team cares about small accessibility and UX improvements.

    It’s not always the big, flashy updates that make the most difference.

    I think the new link boundaries in 4.8 will drastically improve the editing experience for a lot of people. And I applaud all the small (yet often important) UX and accessibility updates.


  2. Emeka Victor

    WordPress has been my best loved CMS (Content Management System). Do you know why..? They don’t joke with security, flexibility and fined tuning. wait, is that why they said that “Code Is Poetry” ?

    Hello Jeff,
    Can I get the release date for WordPress 4.8 ? Thanks.


  3. Freethinker

    What if I installed plugin that never updated by developer?


  4. Francis

    WordPress 4.8 just released. Though no much updates I will wait a while before updating to make sure all plugins update so as to avoid site breakage.

    I just need one update from WordPress team and that is to make WordPress even lighter and if possible reduce script redirects.


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