1. Steven Gliebe

    Video headers, nice. Just what I need for my next theme.


  2. Paul

    I just added support for the Featured Video Plus plugin to my theme. It will be nice to be able to hook into core functions. :)


  3. John Jr

    Hello Sarah Gooding,

    Oddly this post did not appear in the WordPress.com Reader (https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/2251751) for me and I do not remember getting an email about it, which is how I follow your blog/website (I am a WordPress.com user who is subscribed to your blog/website by the WordPress.com Reader and by email), and so I did not know about this post until manually looking at your blog/website when trying to get some information for a post that I am about to publish on my blog. (Maybe there is a bug or something causing this?)

    I am glad to hear the news about the video header option in the future Twenty Seventeen theme, I look forward to trying/testing that option, and I hope that it is allowed for WordPress.com users like myself who have free accounts.

    Thank you,
    -John Jr


  4. Scott Hartley

    Anyone else find the body of a blog post on the 2017 theme a little small its about 550px on my desktop the side bar looks to be about 350px? It just feels really cramped in this style even though its meant to be wide and open it doesn’t feel right.

    Mobile it looks beautiful but the desktop experience is a little iffy.


    • billn

      Agreed – it’s currently for snippets. 500 words or more and there’s far too much redundant space. I currently work with 690px and a little smaller font…

      With the shipped (currently active font) I’d have been hoping for at least 750px…


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