WordPress 3.6.1 Now Available

WordPress 3.6.1 has been pushed out the door. This release comes 42 days after WordPress 3.6 was made available on August 1st. This is a maintenance package that contains bug and security fixes. You can find more information about this version via the Codex. If you don’t see any upgrade notices now, check again later.


9 responses to “WordPress 3.6.1 Now Available”

  1. @Jeffro said –

    If you don’t see any upgrade notices now, check again later.

    Indeed, no notice. That is so unusual, I was perversely hoping it would happen. And it did!

    Do we have a backstory on this novelty?

  2. @Jeffro – Sorry, I’d gone to bed.

    I expected to see it this morning, but no. “Check Again”. “You have the latest, 3.6”.

    My WAMP server is old. I did not delay, to check the vitals. But all else works; plugins are updating … and this has been my bargaining-line: Any hickup from WP, and we have to rebuild, regardless.

    This setup has updated/performed flawlessly, for a ‘long time’, but it is getting old. Yes, it will be a big hassle; I want to move to a different arrangement, rather than perpetuate this one, at high cost. It won’t be hard to get the server-specs….


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