WordPress 3.6.1 Now Available

WordPress 3.6.1 has been pushed out the door. This release comes 42 days after WordPress 3.6 was made available on August 1st. This is a maintenance package that contains bug and security fixes. You can find more information about this version via the Codex. If you don’t see any upgrade notices now, check again later.


9 responses to “WordPress 3.6.1 Now Available”

  1. Moshiur Rahman says:

    Yes, i got this update 8 hours ago :)


  2. Devesh says:

    Just hit the update button. Thanks for the info, Jeff.


  3. Ted Clayton says:

    @Jeffro said –

    If you don’t see any upgrade notices now, check again later.

    Indeed, no notice. That is so unusual, I was perversely hoping it would happen. And it did!

    Do we have a backstory on this novelty?


  4. Jeffro says:

    @Ted Clayton – Hmm, that’s odd. It usually shows up within the first few hours after release. Would be curious to hear from you after you get this reply if whether or not the notification has shown up yet. If not, there is definitely a problem.


  5. Ted Clayton says:

    @Jeffro – Sorry, I’d gone to bed.

    I expected to see it this morning, but no. “Check Again”. “You have the latest, 3.6”.

    My WAMP server is old. I did not delay, to check the vitals. But all else works; plugins are updating … and this has been my bargaining-line: Any hickup from WP, and we have to rebuild, regardless.

    This setup has updated/performed flawlessly, for a ‘long time’, but it is getting old. Yes, it will be a big hassle; I want to move to a different arrangement, rather than perpetuate this one, at high cost. It won’t be hard to get the server-specs….


  6. Ted Clayton says:

    I just checked my site on lunch break; it had a couple plugins that updated ok, but is still not showing the 3.6.1 update. Have you heard of any other people not seeing the update?


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  8. Jeffro says:

    @Ted Clayton – That is odd. I haven’t read or seen any other reports of people not getting the upgrade notice. Is this the first time this have ever happened on your WAMP install?


  9. Ted Clayton says:

    @Jeffro – Thanks! No, nothing like this has ever happened with my WAMP-site. And everything else about it appears normal, now.

    Before I head off for work in the morning, I will try disabling all plugins.



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