1. Ajay

    I’ve never really looked at this widget since the switch from Technorati. I think if you’re really looking to see incoming links, then it makes sense to just check it via Google Webmaster Tools or via Technorati directly.

    I won’t be missing this widget.


  2. Jason

    I don’t see much value in this dashboard widget. I use Clicky to find out what incoming links are actually being clicked on. That’s a much more valuable metric.


  3. Eric J

    I personally found the Technorati version of the widget much more useful than the Google Blogsearch version.

    Agreed, it is time for this widget to go!


  4. Mark Roth

    I’m glad to see it go also. It never showed anything for me! :-D


  5. Len

    Truth be told I use none of the dashboard widgets. In fact one of the first things I do when setting up a new site is completely gut the dashboard.


  6. Cam

    I’ll miss it a tiny bit, but only because it’s been there for so long. I agree with you in that it’s been pretty much useless since the switch. Technorati was kinda fun. Not sure how helpful or insightful it was though?


  7. Viktoria Michaelis

    Google’s blogsearch is a heap of smouldering nothing and was, in my opinion, a major mistake from the first. It is one of those experiments Google tried which they didn’t follow up with and which just sits there doing nothing. Sad, but I preferred the Technorati version even if Technorati isn’t what it used to be either….


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