1. Security problems, wrong priorities plague Wordpress : pacificpelican.us

    […] A new WordPress security vulnerability has been discovered, in 2.9 and 2.9.1. It has to do with the newly (and badly) implemented “trash can” feature. (Instead of just deleting posts when told to, WordPress now routes them through a convoluted trash system.) You can read about the new 2.9.2 version over at the WordPress Tavern blog. […]


  2. hakre

    I think it’s worth to note that the error was known since some more weeks now. Originally it was reported by caesarsgrunt in #11236. I’ve the full story in my blog post “The short memory of WordPress.org security”. Just for the info.


  3. Geek with an iPhone

    Thanks for the Update…Just updated my blog with latest 2.9.2 after taking a clean backup :)


  4. WPSecurityLock

    Thanks for your post. I have tested 2.9.2 with the automatic upgrade and a manual upgrade on a couple of websites and both seem to work okay, so far. Keeping my fingers crossed.


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