1. Jon Brown

    This is a pretty cool looking resource. Knowing what half the hooks are has always been a challenge.


  2. donnacha | WordSkill

    Could be very useful but text entry behaves very strangely on Chrome, Safari and Firefox on OS X, even with the latest version of Silverlight installed and the browsers restarted.


  3. Ipstenu

    @donnacha | WordSkill – Seems to work okay for me. What weirdness on Mac are you seeing?


  4. donnacha | WordSkill

    @Ipstenu – pressing the letters Z, X, C or V was invoking the associated cmd action for those keys (i.e. copying for C, pasting for V) without my pressing on the cmd key.

    I thought it might be some sort of Silverlight quirk but I just checked and it’s no longer happening. Thanks for drawing my attention back to it.


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