WordPress 2.8.2 Released

Out of nowhere, WordPress 2.8.2 has been released to the public. You should notice the upgrade notification within a few hours if you don’t see it already. However, I think now a days, the upgrade actually is triggered when you visit the upgrade section of the backend.

Ok, just received word about the dev blog post which contains information regarding an XSS vulnerability that was addressed which of course, explains the need for 2.8.2 to be released.

I upgraded the tavern website to 2.8.2 without any problems, I suggest you do the same.

7 responses to “WordPress 2.8.2 Released”

  1. I think there is such thing as too many upgrades coming too quickly, and there is such a thing as not enough updates in a period of time…

    Everytime there is an upgrade even if it’s a x.x.x.x.x.y upgrade then it worries me, it makes me think that the testers/automattic were lazy and didn’t looked at the code truly.

  2. @Miroslav: Even if there is one update every hour, I wouldn’t mind. It’s better than no updates.

    Developers and testers are contributing their free time to the project. It’s open source, remember? You could help by testing and reporting bugs yourself. It is not fair at all to call them “lazy” when they’re doing their best. Join the effort yourself and lets see what you can do.

  3. It certainly would have been nice if the XSS hole was found during the 2.8.1 cycle, that would have been one less update — but for stuff like security holes, you issue the update, even if it has been one day since the last update was issued. Of course, if 2.8.1 was what introduced the bug (I honestly don’t know), then that says something else.

  4. My gripe with all the upgrades is that you never really know when one of your pluggins will stop working, for example when i upgraded from 2.8.0 to 2.8.1 my e-commerce plugin took a dump. Whats the use of an upgrade if it’s going to start breaking things?

  5. Hi!

    It’s good to know that the WordPress Tavern actually makes the effort to keep up with the WordPress releases. One of the blogs that I manage is still on WordPress 2.7.1 while my personal blog is at WordPress 2.8.0.

    I’ve yet to test my plugins & widgets against WordPress 2.8.1, which I’ve been putting off to later due to the huge pile of work that I’ve got to deal with.



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