WordCamp Nordic Tickets Now on Sale, Sponsorship Packages Sold Out in Minutes

Tickets for the first ever WordCamp Nordic went on sale today and 100 seats sold within 20 minutes. The event is scheduled to be held in Helsinki, Finland, March 7-8, 2019. There are currently 97 regular tickets and 59 micro-sponsor tickets remaining in the first batch, but more will be released in another round.

If there was any question about whether this new regional WordCamp would gain support, the record-setting buy up of all the sponsor packages has put them to rest. All of the Gold packages (3000 €) were purchased within one minute. Silver packages (1500 €) and Bronze packages (750 €) were all purchased within four minutes and 35 minutes, respectively.

“Sponsor packages tend to go in a few hours whenever there’s a WordCamp in Finland, largely thanks to our communications team and the fact that most companies involved with WordPress follow the conversations on our local Slack/Twitter where these things get announced,” co-organizer Niko Pettersen said. “But this must have been a record even for us. WordCamp Nordic seems to be drawing a lot of interest.”

The call for speakers opened on November 7 and submissions close January 7, 2019. All of the sessions will be held in English and the camp is planning to have two tracks. Those interested to speak may apply for a long talk (40 minutes) or a lightning talk (15 minutes). Selections will be made by mid-January and speakers will be announced in February. Follow @WordCampNordic for all the latest news from the event.


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