WordCamp Maui, HI Set For February 13-14th, 2015

WordCamp Maui Featured ImageThe first WordCamp in Hawaii since 2008 is set to take place February 13-14th, 2015 in Maui. Unlike the event in 2008 where WordPress was a track inside of a Podcamp, WordPress will take center stage. If you’re interested in speaking or financially supporting the event, WordCamp Maui is looking for speakers and sponsors.

A Session at WordCamp Hawaii 2008
A Session at WordCamp Hawaii 2008

With the potential for most of the attendees and speakers to be from outside of Hawaii, I asked Jon Brown, one of the organizers, if two sets of tickets were created to accommodate locals and those from out of town. Brown replied, “There will be a 1 day and 2 day ticket (14th or 13th+14th), with no difference based on being inside or outside of Hawaii.”

Brown says they’re working on getting the word out across the state of when tickets will be on sale and informing people to purchase them quickly. Brown says finding local speakers is challenging, “Speakers is a big challenge since so few people in Hawaii have spoken at mainland camps, let alone traveled to them, but there are a few and we’re encouraging a few first timers.”

WordCamp Hawaii 2012 Almost Happened

Several states in the US have the luxury of hosting annual WordCamps, but some states have more than one. Although Hawaii was supposed to have a WordCamp in 2012, the event was cancelled since using an event planner is not allowed.

The WordCamp Hawaii event has been cancelled as we had intended to use an event planner organize the logistics of registration which was the deal breaker with WordCamp Central. We will look to find individuals to help with organization and re-attack for 2013.

With at least nine organizers, WordCamp Maui doesn’t need to worry about using an event planner.

WordCamp in Paradise

With warm breezes and palm trees, attending WordCamp Maui in February seems like paradise. Let us know if you plan on attending.


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