The First Virtual WordCamp

virtualAs I mentioned on Twitter yesterday, I was wondering when someone was going to create one of these. That is, a virtual WordCamp. Virtual WordCamp is just like a typical WordCamp event only held online, not constrained by a physical location. The added benefit is that attendees from all over the world can attend. The event is slated to begin on the week of September 14th. The virtual WordCamp will host all sorts of presentations that will appeal to business users, new bloggers, pro bloggers, designers and developers. Those who attend the event will get access to the replays as well.

Better grab a spot fast as this WordCamp has limited the amount of live and recorded presentation passes to 1,000. In order to get a pass, it will set you back $69.95 which they consider to be a bargain. I’m not sure about that considering a typical WordCamp event will cost anywhere from $15.00-$30.00 and that is with a physical location, food, after party, etc. So with the elimination of those perks, I would have figured the price to be pretty low but that is not the case.

You can follow the hashtag #VWC09 on Twitter or follow @virtualwordcamp to stay on top of the event.

Let me know if you plan on attending this event. As for myself, I’m on the fence because of the price.

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