1. JLeuze

    VirtualWordCamp is meant to be a week long event where those who want to be trained on how to use WordPress can sign up and attend these daily webinars.

    If that is the case, they could have avoided a lot of confusion and teeth gnashing by simply not calling it a WordCamp ;)


  2. Jeffro

    @JLeuze – I agree Josh and I believe that is what has been the source of the confusion and mild backlash against the event.


  3. Chip Bennett

    Note: This instance is a perfect example of a legitimate use of copyright. If Automattic (or some other legitimate, WordPress-related entity) had copyrighted “WordCamp”, then a non-WordCamp event would not be able to use the name – thus avoiding the confusion.

    (I don’t know? Maybe they did copyright it? One can hope so…)


  4. Chip Bennett

    Er, not copyright; trademark. I meant trademark.

    Why does having two little kids make my brain not function properly? :)


  5. Nile

    No thanks on the virtual WordCamp. The real thing was AWESOME. I went to WordCamp Chicago 2009 in June and really, the original point of WordCamp was to make it affordable.

    You should talk to people like Lisa Sabin-Wilson (author of WordPress for Dummies.) A lot of money, about 15 grand goes into sponsoring the event. We were lucky Brian Gardner of StudioPress, Sky, a few others, and even the publisher for WordPress for Dummies sponsored.

    Perhaps if there was an online WordCamp, there should be sponsorships to decrease the cost.


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