1. Álvaro

    I’d like to congratulate the organizers of this WordCamp. As a publisher myself, I did start to use WordPress because it is an awesome tool for publishing online and has a low entry point for new users.

    What I don’t understand is why there are so strict rules about WordCamps being local events – as in city events –, which eventually led to a major european WordCamp being refused because it was called WordCamp Nederlands, and now there’s a WordCamp for Publishers. Clearly unfair to an organization with a history of organizing events and knowing its country and culture, as opposed to a centralistic structure that wants to impose a way of doing and understanding things.

    I’m very disappointed, ashamed really, as this is absolutely the opposite of WordPress’ flexibility and openness. The same openness that understands the interest and even the need to have a themed WordCamp.


  2. Pete

    This is fantastic. We are definitely seeing a big uptick on publishers fleeing from other platforms to WordPress. Keep me posted.


  3. Henry

    Great idea to have an event like this. I love how publishers of all sizes are welcome. I might be nitpicking but would 2017.denver.publisher.wordcamp.org be a better URL?


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