WordCamp for Publishers Seeks Host City for 2019

WordCamp For Publishers’ distributed organizing team is looking for a new host city in 2019. The industry-focused camp gathers together professionals who use WordPress to manage publications. This year’s successful event hosted speakers who highlighted important topics, such as ethics in journalism, the open web, AMP, Gutenberg, and communication between tech and editorial teams.

The inaugural edition of this camp was held in Denver (2017), followed by Chicago this year. A few people on social media have lobbied for cities like Los Angeles and Detroit, but the decision rests on the availability of local organizers to handle the logistics of the event. These duties include facilitating venue coordination, swag delivery, and other things that need to happen on the ground.

Based on the call for host city applications, it seems that applicants do not need a large team behind them, since there’s already an existing organizing team. Applicants need only the availability to coordinate local preparations.

Individuals or teams who are interested to host the event in 2019 can submit an application. Organizers said they have a preference for cities that are “underrepresented media markets” where attendees may not see as many of these types of events.


4 responses to “WordCamp for Publishers Seeks Host City for 2019”

  1. I think the conference could be at SunCliff on the Lake in Derby, New York. We are a 15 acre venue with three large ballrooms, a 4,000 square ft tent and four more break out rooms. Our interior space is 31,000 sq feet). Our prices are very affordable. ( see prices on our wordpress website).
    Our website could be used as a sample tool for those in attendance.
    Im not sure how large the conferences have been in the past. We have 63 rooms. Many are single but some are with double or triple occupancy. We are a historic mansion on Lake Erie.
    We are 8 miles from Hamburgh, New York and 18 miles from downtown Buffalo.
    Activities here include hiking, fishing, sailing, art, and exploring the wonderful architecture of the Buffalo area including the work of Frank Lloyd Wright. His famous Grancliff is just two miles away.
    Please visit SunCliffonthelakea.com

  2. I vote for my town, Sacramento CA! It has awesome facilities, an eager WordPress community, and proximity to the Bay area, where a bajillion techies and publishers are headquartered. I’ll definitely share the application with some local orgs.


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