WordCamp Fayetteville Around The Corner

Although I won’t be attending this particular event, WordCamp Fayetteville is occurring one week after WordCamp Raleigh which happens to be this weekend. This particular WordCamp is a two day event with Sunday being dedicated to getting your toughest questions answered by WordPress gurus. The event also features two different tracks, one for bloggers and the other for developers. There are a couple of sessions that look really interesting such as Unlocking Government: Understanding the Freedom of Information Act (State Rep. Lindsley Smith, D-Fayetteville), and The Transparent Blogger – How much disclosure is enough?. I wouldn’t mind attending the session on Understanding Analytics – Why Google Analytics Matters (Anna Miller) an area that I’m pretty weak in. All I know is that big numbers for the most part are a good sign.

Checking out the registration page, it looks like there are only 9 tickets available for $40.00 each plus a $1.99 fee. If you’d like to follow the event on Twitter, the hashtag is #wcfay. Daniel Gold has told me that he is in charge of putting the presentations on Ustream with live video. I’m not sure of the web address for the Ustream video but if I find out, I’ll update the post. Also keep an eye in the comments for Daniel.


6 responses to “WordCamp Fayetteville Around The Corner”

  1. Huh. Didn’t know there was going to be one in Arkansas. Of course, that is still a pretty long way for me. Birmingham is closer.

    Still, wish I’d known. Gotta check the Wordcamp pages more often.

  2. @Otto – I’ve known about it since the beginning of the month but have only now had the time to put a post together. Gotta subscribe to that upcoming WordCamp feed :)

  3. Jeffro,

    Thanks so much for mentioning our coming WordCamp! Very much appreciated. I really enjoy your show. I’ve been a steady listener for about a year via podcast.

    Christopher Spencer

  4. WP Tavern, thanks for the post, Jeffro nice work.

    Christopher Spencer (commenter above) started WordCamp Fayetteville and is our host. We both listen to WP Weekly on the reg.

    Watch WordCamp Fayetteville on video here:


    We will have Ustream live video of the Blogger track, and later we will post YouTube archive video of the Developer track and Blogger track, as well as WordCamper interviews and scenery to give you an idea of what you might be missing here in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

    Look for WordCamp Fayetteville online next weekend! Our site also features a “Wire” that pulls in Twitter posts @wcfay and related to #wcfay hashtag. Join the conversation and forward the live video links when you see it pop up.

  5. Yeah, I do like that there is finally a WordCamp within 2 hours of where I live. That is enough time to travel to the WordCamp and leave, so I won’t have to stay at a hotel. I’ll be at the Raleigh WordCamp as well. So I have two great weeks planned out where I’ll be doing a lot of work. Well, I’m seeing my family this week, so it isn’t all work, mostly play, but I had wished I had finished some stuff before the trip so that I would have more time to hang with family.


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