1. Dave Warfel

    Thanks for the coverage, Sarah. Really appreciate you taking the time to spread the word 🙂.


  2. Miroslav Glavic

    I am assuming the times mentioned above are local time?
    So since I am 2 hours ahead (Eastern Time…Toronto/New York/Miami)…
    Saturday 5pm-9pm & Sunday 11am-3pm Eastern/Toronto/New York/Miami Time?


    • Dave Warfel

      Hi Miroslav. I’m one of the organizers for WordCamp Denver. Yes, the times above are local time (US Mountain Time UTC-6).

      For Eastern Time, you got the times correct, but the days are off. It’s Friday and Saturday, not Saturday and Sunday.


    • Maddy Osman

      Yes, to confirm – the times are all in MST!


  3. Ivan

    I wish I lived in Denver, I would surely attend the event!
    Good luck to you, guys, I hope the even will go fun and productive :)


  4. Nikhil Bhansi

    I really enjoying attending virtual WordCamps.
    Enjoyed WordCamp Europe, looking forward to WordCamp Denver.


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