1. Christina Hills

    I am happy to hear this, because although I’m sure we will be back to being able to meet in person, I like the certainty of knowing that it’s going to be online only. When you have to buy plane tickets, it gets tricky to be able to do that at the last minute.

    This way we can all plan!
    🙂 Christina


  2. Jennifer Swisher

    Thanks for your post! It’s really helpful for others to share and understand how difficult these decisions are. While the statewide order allows for no restrictions as of May 4th, the statewide order also allows for local governments to have their own stay at home and public gathering restrictions that go beyond that date. As of right now, the City of St. Louis (where the convention center is located) is still under an order that doesn’t allow public gatherings of more than 10 people. That order has no expiration date, but is being re-evaluated by the city on a regular basis.


  3. Steven Gliebe

    Well, there you go. The silver lining. Everyone can attend.


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