1. Muhammad Adnan

    Excitement at its peak!

    Being a WordCamp Organizer, Speaker, and Community wrangler from Pakistan. Looking forward to join hands with other fellows.


  2. Darrel Wilson

    i think this is a good idea, many people from other countries cant come to the USA because of the strict immigration laws. Im all for having it in thailand!


  3. Ryan

    Bangkok will be an excellent location :) I am looking forward to attending.


  4. Abdullah

    That’s the great news for WordPress Asian Folks. Excited to be the part of WC Asia & contribute to the community in any way.

    Glad to know that we are representing the WP Lahore Community having the second most members in Asia after Delhi.

    We look forward & excited to see the Asian folks under one roof.



  5. Ryan Cameron

    Nice to have one in Asia especially BKK since a lot of digital nomads who work with WordPress are based in Chiang Mai, Thailand.


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