WooThemes Excels At Customer Service During Crisis

While WooThemes was experiencing a crisis that involved the loss of 6 months of data along with their main website going offline, they still managed to provide great customer service. During the entire ordeal, WooThemes kept customers and the public updated with what they knew and what they were doing to fix the problem via their status blog. Their status blog was updated multiple times a day. Many people commended the company on Twitter for doing such a great job and it’s definitely deserved.

I wish companies whether they be WordPress based or not would so something similar when a crisis hits. Customers want to know what happened, what’s currently happening, who’s doing what, etc. When a crisis hits and takes a website offline, people don’t want a canned response to a support ticket or email, they want information. Information keeps customers calm or at least, calmer then they would be without it. I personally hate that feeling I get when a company seems to shove me off and pretends as if nothing is wrong. As for information, inform the masses, not just a few. That way, everyone is on the same page. Use your company site as a means of controlling the conversation so people don’t have to guess what’s happening.

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