1. Remy Labeau

    Search/Replace WooCommerce with Automattic.
    I’m surprised they left the license as MIT. Better switch it before Matt finds out.


  2. Rupert

    Forking is usually a last resort scenario for extending popular open source libraries, but the WooCommerce team wanted the flexibility of improving the project on their own timeline.

    Funny enough, WooCommerce itself was a fork of a popular WordPress e-commerce plugin. This team likes to take things into their own hands.


    • Collins Agbonghama

      I don’t see that as a problem unless I am missing something.


    • Drew Jaynes

      As a long-time follower of the open accessibility issue on the Select2 repo, my understanding was that there was little confidence that Select2 might adopt the changes WC introduced in selectWoo simply due to a pattern of inactivity for ~6 months.

      WC didn’t fork it willy nilly, they forked it because it was the only way they could ensure the a11y improvements could become widely available.


  3. Anh Tran

    I don’t see any problem with that as long as WooCommerce team improves the library. I hope it goes well, so we can have a stable library to use inside WordPress.


  4. Matt

    Considering the recently released ACF v5.6.0 has fully adopted Select2 v4 for example, I hope I’m wrong but I wouldn’t be all that surprised if this SelectWoo fork does not always play nice with the official Select2 library in ACF and other plugins. However, Woocommerce will likely also be the 800 pound gorilla in the room when conflicts arise with other most plugins so it will get it’s way. Yeah for WP Select2 fragmentation too!


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