WooCommerce 8.3 Makes Cart, Checkout, and Order Confirmation Blocks Default on New Installations

WooCommerce 8.3 was released today, featuring Cart, Checkout, and Order Confirmation blocks as the default checkout flow for new installations. This is a major milestone in moving WooCommerce towards a block-first checkout experience.

Version 8.3 was slightly delayed, as core developers worked to ensure it would be compatible with the latest changes in WordPress 6.4 as well as the upcoming PHP 8.3 release scheduled for November 23, 2023. They also wanted to give time for plugin developers to prepare for the new reality of cart and checkout blocks as the default. An FAQ document outlines the steps for developers who still need to make their extensions compatible.

Developers with extensions that don’t work with the new default blockified checkout are encouraged to declare their plugins incompatible, so WooCommerce can display a message to users in the settings sidebar. (No action is required for plugins that do not extend the cart and checkout flow).

image source: FAQ: Cart and Checkout Blocks by Default

Although existing stores are not impacted by cart and checkout blocks becoming the default, merchants can easily opt into the experience using WooCommerce’s migration tool located at WooCommerce > Status > Tools > Create Pages. This tool will automatically generate the new pages with a block-based checkout flow. The blockified Order Confirmation template is currently only available to stores that are using block themes.

Other notable changes in WooCommerce 8.3 include the following:

  • Themes added to the revamped WooCommerce > Extensions marketplace
  • Marketplace search improved
  • Mobile app onboarding improved, no longer requiring Jetpack
  • Images optimized to reduce the WooCommerce package size

WooCommerce 8.3 includes 682 commits to the core plugin, along with 231 commits rolled in from WooCommerce blocks, thanks to the efforts of 96 contributors. Check out the changelog for a more detailed look at the many fixes, tweaks, and enhancements included in the release.


4 responses to “WooCommerce 8.3 Makes Cart, Checkout, and Order Confirmation Blocks Default on New Installations”

  1. Fantastic update! The move towards a block-first checkout experience in WooCommerce 8.3 is a game-changer. The consideration for compatibility with WordPress 6.4 and PHP 8.3 shows the commitment to staying current. Kudos to the developers for offering a migration tool for a seamless transition. The improvements in the marketplace and mobile app onboarding are much appreciated. Thanks for the detailed changelog

  2. Exciting news for WooCommerce users! The latest 8.3 update makes the Cart, Checkout, and Order Confirmation Blocks default on new installations. This streamlined setup enhances the user experience from the get-go, providing a seamless and efficient journey for both store owners and customers. Kudos to WooCommerce for continually refining and optimizing the e-commerce process

  3. One of the biggest features of WooCommerce 8.3 is that it makes cart, checkout, and order confirmation blocks the default checkout flow for new installations. This means that if you install WooCommerce for the first time, you will get a block-based checkout experience that is more customizable, responsive, and user-friendly than the previous shortcode-based one.

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