1. Mo Jangda

    While I personally prefer metabox, it’s really more of a developer/internal term and not as descriptive to end-users.

    But then, it ultimately it doesn’t depend on what you call it, as long as there’s consistency and you educate your users well. Systems develop and adopt their own terminologies (e.g. we call them “plugins”, Joomla calls them “components”) and you use what works for your community :)


  2. Devin

    I call them “Dashboard Widgets”.


  3. Martin

    Same as Devin, Dashboard Widgets.


  4. Chip Bennett

    RE: “Dashboard Widgets” –

    What if they’re not on the Dashboard?


  5. Michael Fields

    Definitely agree with Chip on that one. As for the boxen that appear in /wp-admin/post.php, I would refer to a single box as the “Publish Box” or the “Excerpt Box”. They all have labels and that’s the most logical way that I have to describe these nameless entities to others. I know a lot of developers will use “metabox” for referring to these things. I think they do so because the function that WordPress uses to create them is called add_meta_box() and sometimes they are used as an interface for information stored in the “postmeta” database table… I just don’t like to use 3 syllables where one would suffice.


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