1. Marcus Tibesar

    Wow! What a great idea.

    Wasn’t able to upload a m4a audio file and don’t see a Support tab for the plugin.

    Hope this plugin is successful and becomes a very useful extension of WordPress.

    Thank you.


  2. Joel James

    Something “Wrong” with w.org plugin stats? Showing 200+ active installs for this plugin, then showing total downloads as 22. tantada!


  3. Nick Halsey

    Thanks for the write-up Sarah! I’m excited to see what people publish and build with featured audio.


  4. qwertyli

    Featured video plugin would be much more needed. I know that there are a couple of such plugins but those aren’t that great


  5. Ryan Hellyer

    I’m surprised this wasn’t available already. It’s a good idea.


  6. Matt Cromwell

    Yep, I’m testing out Post Formats again and I really think something like this should be connected to Post Formats in Core. Choose the Audio format and this metabox shows up. Choose Video and Video shows up. It was a good idea that’s still worth entertaining and this is just further proof of that.


  7. Greg Hyatt

    I think this will be a huge boom for those who are podcasters and looking for a better way to highlight their media. I’m excited about this and may have to give it a whirl.


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