1. David

    Thanks Jeff. Nice find on the video. If you or anyone has any questions regarding my history with blogging, WordPress or Gravity Forms, I’d be glad to answer them.


  2. Jeffro

    @David – I’m happy to see you ended up with a cool job with a company and product you can be 100% dedicated to. It helps when the product is so good, it sells itself. I was shocked to see how many archived pages you have on BloggingPro. I also came across a post on SplashPress media discussing our Perfcast, remember that? I know how you like writing but it’s got to be nice to make a living without having to pump out multiple posts per day on multiple sites and slaving away over a keyboard. Unless you’re still doing that?


  3. David Peralty

    Well, I don’t know if you’ve looked at my personal blog, but since starting it in June of 2010, I’ve published 720 posts. I’ve thought long and hard about getting back into serious blogging for the last two years because I really do love to write, but I haven’t actively pursued it.

    During my five year career writing online, I published more than 30,000 blog posts using my own name and various pseudonyms. I was part of over 100 podcast episodes. I felt very fortunate doing it all, and while I experienced some horrible burnout from some of my later projects, I still look back on my time working for Jacob Gower on Blogging Pro as some of the best times of my life.

    To answer your question: no, I am not as prolific of a writer as I used to be. But if the right project struck me, I’d start contributing content to the Internet once again.

    That’s not to say I am unhappy at rocketgenius. I work with an amazing group of people, and they’ve quickly become the best company I’ve ever worked for due to their care, concern, and interest. Despite living in another country, they never make me feel like I’m “less than” someone that is local. They let me explore various aspects of my talents and continually let me fit myself into spearheading projects. Currently, between working on a story with my fiancee and working on documentation for Gravity Forms, I’m getting in a fair bit of writing. :)


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