1. modemlooper

    Call it Candy Bar put candy out and I’m there. :D


  2. Nathan Driver

    This is ridiculous. The problem is not the name is, but the lack of communication to attendees on what it is. If the name is truly the problem then lets change “WordCamp” to “WordPress Camp” because those that have not attended don’t know what a “WordCamp” is.


    • ckoerner

      Good point here. For the last two WordCamps in St. Louis we have struggled with remembering to talk about the Happiness Bar to attendees.


  3. Gin

    WordPress Workbench is a great name! You could even set up a nice wood workbench as a table with laptops or screens set up all across the top of the workbench.. and maybe some swivel tall wooden stools to sit on. Or people could stand, which is ergonomically supposed to be healthier than sitting for long periods. I just went to godaddy to see if anyone owned the name and found out that no one owned it. I decided to secure it for you… before posting this comment. Sooo…now I own it. But, I will sell it to you for a song! :)


  4. John V.

    Obbviously, “The Intensive Care”



  5. Tom Still

    “Happy Campers”?? :)


  6. melanie

    Help From the Admin Bar


  7. Giorgos Sarigiannidis

    If the audience is already familliar with WordPress and it’s conventions, then I wouldn’t mind a catchy reference like “The Codex”. Otherwise, “Help Center” or “Support Bar” (to keep the connection with the current name) sound self-explanatory enough to me.


  8. just some thoughts..

    Does it really need a name? I’ve been to a WordCamp where the sign just said “Support”. It was clear and concise. People knew what the room was going to be. Things like “WordPress Workbench” or “WordPress Help Center” are just too long and clunky. The Workbench one is just as confusing has Happiness Bar. Am I going to make little wooden WordPress figurines? Or a table? What?

    I think we should drop any ‘name’ and there should just be a dedicated room somewhere that has a sign that says “Support”. Everyone will get it. And it’s intuitive to say, “Let’s go to the Support room and get you some help.” Instead of “Let’s go to the WordPress Help Center and get you some help.”


  9. Nile

    Really? I feel the same as Nathan Driver and Chris Koerner about this. Chris is right… we didn’t have as many as we could’ve. I know I helped at least a dozen people the first day and a little more than that the 2nd day at WCSTL… and that’s not including the others who were gracious enough to help and did.

    Sorry, I kind of like “Happiness Bar”… it’s like Happy Hour, WordPress, and beer (well, minus the beer, but we WordPress devs love our beer… yum/) Frankly, it’s one of those things like the Hamburger menu icon that people just need to be educated about. If you don’t make an effort to continually announce it before and during the event, it becomes a fail.

    Yes, you do get help, but people walk away happy. At the last few WordCamps, I even started sharing funny WordPress memes on Twitter while in the Happiness Bar, in order to add a social aspect to it so people wouldn’t be intimidated to come on down.

    I remember the first time I manned a Happiness Bar, WordCamp Chicago 2011. There were only 2 of us at the table and I had a line so long at times that I didn’t get a chance to go to another session, other than presenting my own, the keynote, opening remarks, and closing remarks. And they were actually good about telling people about the Happiness Bar.


  10. Jeff Matson

    I agree with what Nate, Nile, and several other said. It issue has nothing to do with the name, but with attendees not knowing what it is to begin with.

    Of course those of us who attend several WordCamps regularly know what it is, but we’re not the target here. Very rarely does an individual come to the Happiness Bar with a question they need answered, simply because they don’t know that’s what it’s for.

    WordCamp Maine did a great job with this. All speakers moved to the Happiness Bar after their session to answer questions. This taught individuals that the Happiness Bar is the place for questions to be answered.

    I feel topics like this open up a bigger discussion of the lack of embrace for users/power users. Many of those people whom it may be their first WordCamp are simply afraid to approach people in which they look up to, and those of us who are active in the community are willing to help, but are more in our own bubble. We simply need to do a better job of embracing those who are just starting out and making them feel more welcome.


  11. Melissa

    On Hendriksen’s original post, a commenter suggested “Answer Station” and I loved that, because it seems to me that most people will pop in for answers. People who are new to WordPress might not be at the point where they need support.


  12. Joseph

    How about “Support Corner” ? :-)


  13. John Parkinson

    I don’t think that the name “Happiness Bar” is the issue.

    It could be a perception that newer users have when they approach the area were the Happiness Bar is being held.

    Sometimes (and this is just my observation) the people who are staffing the Happiness Bar are grouped in a small area or seated close together.

    This is not the fault of the organizers or the people who are willing to help. It might be intimidating to someone who may have a question and is not sure who or how to approach the group.

    Please note that I have ALWAYS had a good experience when I approached someone at a Happiness Bar!


  14. mercury2

    +1 for a clearer name, even one that is not particularly clever, like “Support Area” or “WordPress Help.” The people who need it most will be the people who won’t get names like Happiness Bar. It’s easy to forget what it was like when you did not know very much.


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