What Would You Like a WordCamp Mobile App to Do?


A WordCamp mobile app may soon be a reality. WordPress was accepted as a mentoring organization for Google Summer of Code 2014. As part of that process, the community prepared a list of ideas for GSoC projects that students can work on. The creation of a WordCamp mobile app was among those ideas.

The application would be intended for use by attendees who can download it to have the event schedule and details at their fingertips. Jen Mylo posted today on the Make WordPress Community blog, seeking input on features, as a handful of students have already demonstrated interest in the project. “Without going too crazy, and remembering this is a summer job for one college student, what would make sense to include?” she asked.

Mylo offered a few preliminary ideas:

  • All the info that’s on the WC site in standardized format (location/map, schedule, etc)
  • Ability to rate sessions/speakers
  • Follow Twitter mentions and official hashtag in one stream and/or full tagregator stream
  • Push notifications (opt-in) based on organizer posts to [blog? a cpt? something else?] to notify of day-of time-sensitive things like lunch being served, closing remarks starting, lost laptop, etc.
  • Take the follow up survey once event is over
  • Check in/out of event?
  • Form to contact on-site organizers (emergency, safety, code of conduct, lost and found, etc)

Dustin Filippini commented on the post to suggest additional ideas for features, including comprehensive location information for the venue, any after parties, suggested hotels, parking, restaurants, etc.

Many WordCampers, having made a great effort to travel to an event, are eager to get the most out of it. Missing an announcement about an after party or other related gatherings would a pity. Even a basic Wordcamp app will go a long way to help Wordcampers and organizers stay connected.

What do you think about the idea of WordCamp mobile app? Would you use it? If you have ideas for features to be included, make sure to comment on Jen Mylo’s post to join in the conversation.

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  1. Schedule, private speaker ratings, survey, and (most importantly) organizer push notifications… Those would be amazing.

    The Twitter stream and checkin thing is a waste of time. People have apps for that.


    1. @Bryan – Do you have a recommendation for an android app that let’s quickly check a tag?


  2. create a QR code so I can scan other members contact details from their WordCamp profile into contacts.


    1. Wow, that’s a really interesting idea- so would the person’s name tag / badge have a unique QR code printed on it so that the person can selectively give out that contact info?


  3. I want the app to do the following:

    1) List of schedule of WordCamps (like a calendar type thing)

    Think the eventbrite / meetup.com apps

    2) Schedule/sessions of each WordCamp (as they are added by the people running each WordCamp)

    It is nice to have, and the room they are in, this applies to WCs that have more than one stream.

    3) Be able to register/buy ticket on the app for WordCamps
    I can do this with eventbrite/meetup.com apps

    4) Design a WordCamp speedo
    Why are swag bags always t-shirts? variety

    5) Include the website/e-mail/twitter/tumblr/facebook/etc…social media of the speakers on sessions I am attending

    When speakers register to speak, they should fill their social media links on that registration form. The app can include those social links on sessions/schedule info.

    6) Bars/Restaurant around for after the WordCamp Day (for two-3 day WCs).

    When we go drink/eat after the day’s sessions.

    7) Floor map of building that WordCamp is taking place, in case there is more than one stream.

    It is nice to know where the rooms are without asking people all the time.

    8) Coffee places in the area.

    If you want me to be there for 8am registration then expect me to want coffee.


  4. An app definitely should have a way to contact other attendees. In Leiden (WCEU) it was very difficult to get in touch with people you have known virtually only for a long time already. I guess that is the case with each WordCamp, so in my opinion an app should have something to facilitate that.


  5. I like the idea for the standard things that a WordCamp would have. Part of the fun for me with attending WordCamps is their individuality. I would hate to see that stripped away for the sake of having an app. So that’s why I say the standard things. Schedule. Reviews. Tickets… things like that. Yes definitely. Things like what’s around and twitter feeds. Nah. We all have our preferences for those apps. Maybe an app isn’t a great thing after all.


  6. We’re hoping to have a separate app of some sort for WordCamp Orlando this year, but not specifically to manage the camp, but to help with a new event that we want to try this year. It’s still rather early in the process, but I’m glad to see that it’s something that other people want to work on too!


  7. This is a great idea with huge potential. While the original app may be limited, once it’s built there is no reason it can’t be expanded to serve the growing and changing needs of the community. An app that allows attendees to find the talk they want to go to, connect with other attendees, and give feedback immediately after a talk will make the lives of both attendees and organizers a lot simpler.


  8. An interactive map of the venue your currently in. Maybe if not interactive, just a visual representation of some sorts of what talks are being held where.


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