What Would You Do With WP-Hackers.com?

WordPress community member Kris Young has registered the domain WP-Hackers.com which so far, points to a holding page. The question Kris asks on the WP-Hackers mailing list is what do to with it. His idea so far is to create a PasetBin like site where users could comment on code snippets until an agreed upon solution was met which would then lock the snippet and be used as a resource. This code snippet could then be linked to when someone asks a repeated question or one similar to it.

I’ve always thought about the idea of a website that just has code snippets where a user could copy and paste them into the appropriate location and it would work. Back in the days of editing archive.php, single.php, etc, I really thought the idea of some sort of code bank would have been awesome. Let’s say I was editing my theme and needed a code snippet that displayed comments in a certain way, I could look through the comments category and look for code snippets for the desired functionality I was looking for. Ideally though, this information would be better served as being within the Codex than on a seperate site.

If you were lucky enough to own WP-Hackers.com, what would you do with the domain to make it useful for the WordPress community?


4 responses to “What Would You Do With WP-Hackers.com?”

  1. What do you mean by “Back in the days of editing archive.php, single.php, etc?” That’s how you build and modify themes. I still do that, and I assume that the large percentage of WordPress users haven’t bought into framework bloatware…


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